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Machine Sewing: A Treatise On The Care and Use Of Family Sewing Machines And Their Attachments
Absolutely invaluable, MUST have book for the Featherweight owner! Wonderful to own, perfect to use.
Excellent, Collectible Condition. Compact 6” by 8” 203 page book.
Very hard to find book for those interested in expanding their knowledge of the care and use of their featherweight and related attachments, fashion aid and accessories.
All instructions are detailed, remarkably easy to follow, complete with pictures and written to ensure your success.
Chapters 1-2 cover care topics such as cleaning and oiling, common causes of machine troubles, adjusting tension, needle insertion…and more! Chapters 3 through 7 cover the use and care of regular attachments, fashion aids and accessories. Included is concise, easy to use chart (page 126) listing different singer machine models, and the names and part numbers of the attachments, fashion aids and accessories. Exactly what you need, to know if that perfect attachment really will work on your machine!!

Chapters 8-9 extol the virtues of the electric machine and let you know how that your electric machine complete with an electric light actually does work. Clearly a trip back in time to add to your knowledge of singer history!!
Published by the Singer Sewing Machine Company
Singer Building, New York
Copyright: U.S.A. 1950

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