Singer Featherweight 221 Centennial with Original Case, Manual & Attachments-All Vintage

Singer 221 Featherweight Centennial

Sorry, This machine is sold..

S/N: AK 618452

Model: Class 221

Badge Issue Date: 10/31/51 (see dating table)

Rating: 43/50 (American Scale)

Equipped with original 110-volt U.S. motor.

The AK 61’s marked the last of Singer’s Centennial Edition. The gold decorative scroll work on this Centennial is outstanding. The case is in excellent repair. Original attachments and manual are all very nice. This Centennial is an exceptionally smooth running machine and takes off to a very gentle touch.

Included is a complete set of original attachments, original owner’s manual, a solid original case and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Original Attachments with many extras include:

1.) Foot Hemmer

2.) Adjustable Hemmer

3.) Multiple Slotted Binder

4.) Edge-Stitcher

5.) Shirrer

6.) Ruffler

7.) Original Singer Oil Can

8.) Original Singer Featherweight 221-1 Manual

9,) Singer Tension Screwdriver

10.) Original Featherweight Bobbin Case

11.) 3 Singer Featherweight Bobbins

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